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Our mission was to create a testing method that could get as close to mimicking real life as possible. Since there are very limited amounts of tests used for neck braces, we started from scratch to come up with something radically different that would provide us with useful repatable tests, and more accurate data from scenaries which we see in real life. Mission accomplished...

About Atlas Brace

The Atlas Brace was born and fueled from the racers perspective. Designed by a racer and refined over a 3 year period by a team of engineers and bio-mechanical experts, then tested by some of the top professional riders in the world. The end result delivers innovative features, comfort, simpliciity and adjustability. Simply put, the Atlas Brace is the future of neck protection.

Four Reasons Why...

01. Simplicity - We go to great lengths to create simplistic easy to use products. By removing all the unneccesary parts and simplifying the assembly, you get an end result that is far more user friendly in all aspects

02. Innovation - To truly innovate, you have to be willing to start over, and completely change the way you think about a product. Every aspect must be analyzed with extreme imagination, and re thought from the ground up. With endless hours of research and development, we make it our mission to create the absolute best products possible that truly fit, flex, and function as they should. We are committed to excellence.

03. Comfort - When designing and engineering protection products, comfort is often sacrificed. We believe in making products that don't over look this very critical feature, so that our customers aren't using bulky protective items that hinder their performance. Our products use never before seen features, along with advanced materials to create the ultimate balance of quality and comfort, without sacrificing protection.

04. Experience - Where others cut corners, we excel to provide with products that go above and beyond. We fanatically obsess over every aspect of our products, almost over-engineering them to create the ultimate user experience that is so simplistic, it feels under-engineered. Instead of customers asking "Wh does this function this way?" We want them to look at our products and think "Why don't all products function this way?" This is our driving force, and we are passionate about creating the best experience with everything we do

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